ATSKIA Red Jasper Crystal Tree of Life Necklace - Feng Shui - Bonsai Lucky Charm - Orgonite Pyramid Pendant - Spiritual Gifts - Kitchen Table Decoration - Office Accessories

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 a set of wonderful healing classics from the coasts of India with handcrafted packaging including a "red jasper crystal tree", a seven-chakra tree of life pendant and a 7 chakra healing crystal pendant. The packaging must be unpacked carefully. After opening the box, please untangle the branches as they are packed during packing. The threads are strong so you can bend the threads to change the appearance of the bonsai.

Red Jasper Bonsai: A handmade bonsai native to Gujrat, India and adorned with natural red jasper crystals. The foundation of this bonsai is made from a pyramid, which gives a unique look. The trunk and branches are made of silver threads. The silver wire trunk is nicely integrated into the base of the pyramid. Measuring approximately 17.8 to 20.3 cm, the lucky tree is fully customizable. Folding the branches will change the look in an instant.

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