Breast Milk Collection Shell

$8.00 $15.00

2 Pack Nursing Shells, Protects Sore Nipples, Collects Leaking Breast Milk for Nursing Moms, Flexible and Easy to Wear, Reusable Silicone Material
Safety is a priority for mother and baby. The breastmilk collection shells are made of food-grade polypropylene and silicone, which are BPA-free, phthalate-free and eco-friendly.
Protects sore or broken nipples from rubbing and chafing. Venting on the top of each shell allows airflow so nipples can be ventilated and heal faster.
Fits all bra sizes without influencing appearance - Easy to clean and sterilize - Portable
100% reusable and easy to clean. Separate parts, clean and sterilize all items.
The soft, pleasant-to-the-touch silicone base offers a snug fit ensuring a discreet and comfortable fit. Fitted with an integrated spout to allow milk to be poured into a storage container.

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