CYH Set of 2+2 Ultra Transparent Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - 3D Camera Lens - Full Coverage - Anti-scratch - HD Fingerprint Unlock

$11.00 $17.00

We have what you need most: Are you looking for a screen protector safe enough to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra? If so, we're ready for you. After the experience, you will never want to use another tempered glass on your beloved phone again. Our tempered glass screen protector perfectly meets all the needs of your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Exquisite gift: to show our sincerity, we put 2 high quality tempered glass screen protectors for Samsung Note 20 ultr and nifty installation kits in the package. I think this handcrafted HD movie will bring you an extraordinary experience. You can share this joy with your friends or family, or stay for future needs.

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