Hanging water dispenser for rabbit cage, 500 ml, automatic water dispenser for small pet, for rabbit, chinchilla, hedgehog, ferret, hamster

$11.00 $20.00

Use inside and outside the cage: you can attach it to the outside or inside of the cage according to your own needs. If your pet is naughty, it is advisable to install it outside the cage. And you can easily turn on the water dispenser for cleaning and filling.

No noise: This automatic pet water dispenser adopts gravity flow design and can control the amount of water to prevent overflow. It does not make annoying noises while your pet is drinking compared to water bottles with ball bearings. Silent design allows you to have a calm sleeping environment.

Large capacity: 500 ml - Large capacity: no need to worry that your pet does not have enough water to drink if you are not at home all day. This water bottle is the perfect size for rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, small ferrets, dwarf rabbits and other small animals.

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