High Road Car Trash Bag to Hang with Anti-Leakage Liner and Spring Closure

$19.00 $25.00

Waterproof and waterproof seams: The High Road TrashStash car bin is the original fully waterproof litter bag to hang with an easy-to-clean lining to keep car mats and upholstery as good as new
Hinged opening to keep garbage and odors covered – The spring frame closure remains closed when not using it to keep car waste out of sight and odors under control

Quick and easy to clean: just press the quick-release buckle, empty the car's waste, wipe or rinse the sealed interior and hang it up again for reuse, no need for spare bags or spare bags to buy
Can hold 2.7 liters of car waste – The exclusive design features a large capacity basket and adjustable suspension strap to wrap around headrest posts or door handles

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