MR&HM Silky 4-piece satin bed set

$25.00 $45.00

MR&HM Silky 4-piece satin bed set, with 38 cm deep mattress pocket - Double bed - Light blue

【Bed set size large bed of 4 pieces】Our package includes 1 flat sheet: 228.6 x 260 cm. 1 fitted sheet: 152.4 x 203 cm + deep pocket of 38 cm, 2 pillowcases: 51 x 76 cm.

【Say goodbye to the ruffled hair of the morning】With our 600-thread satin bed sheets, you can rest easy knowing that your hair will be soft and smooth when you wake up. The satin pillowcase prevents your hair from frizz and knots, and reduces hair breakage. MR&HM double bed size sheets offer a whole new sleep experience.

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