Pet brush

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Baytion Self-Cleaning Brush for Cats and Dogs with Short or Long Hair to Massage Undercoats, Mats, Matted Hair and Loose Hair

One-Click Cat Cleaning Brush: After brushing your pet, simply click the button to separate the brushed hairs from the metal needle, then wipe the hairs clean.
2 in 1 Hair Brush: This pet grooming brush can not only remove dead hair, dirt and soft tangles, but also massage pet's hair to improve blood circulation and effectively prevent fleas and parasites, thereby preventing skin diseases and keeping healthy.
Skin-friendly massage bristles: The metal pins on the short haired cat brush have massage particles on the ends. As a pet grooming brush, it is perfect for shedding and massaging your pets without scratching your pet's skin, even sensitive skin.
140° Angled Metal Needle: This dog and cat brush is slightly angled at 40° to go deep into the coat to thoroughly clean the undercoat of the carpet, making your pets shine. But gentle strokes are necessary when combing your pet's hair, especially short-haired pets to give your pet a fun and enjoyable grooming experience.

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