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Strong Nail Glue for Press on Nails,2 x 8ML Super Adhesive Brush-on Nail Glue

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Brand Cruzix
Compatible material Gemstone, Granite
Package information Bottle
Item volume 8 Milliliters

About this item

  • 💅Brush on Nail Glue 💅 Built-in brush design, 2 x 8 ml nail glue are easy to apply on nails more evenly and no extra waste, friendly use for nails practice beginners. It combines the neatness of brush-on convenience with the advantage of fast-drying glue. No more glue oozing around the edges of the nail; no more glue on the granite countertop.
  • 💅Long Lasting Super Adhesive Nail Glue💅 Everything goes so smoothly, Brush-On Nail Glue seems to be especially good at sealing out water. Once applied for glue-on nails, it seals for 2-3 weeks no matter what you do, such as dishes washing, cooking, diaper changes, cleaning, bottles, etc. and nails still firmly stuck on.
  • 💅Widely Use💅 The super adhesive nail glue is usually used in nail salon and home use for sticking fake nail tips & press on nails, broken nails repair and adhesive small nail art decorations on nail tips such as flat back rhinestones, jewelry beads, gemstone, gems charms.
  • 💅Easy to Press on & Remove💅When using it, just brush a thin layer glue on to the natural nail and nail tips, then press on nails and hold for 5 seconds. Also, this acrylic nail glue is easy to remove with acetone remover when you are removing your acrylic nails tips and the nail glue. Once you take them all off they were easily removed with minimal damage to my natural nail.